The steel materials purchased for fabrication or manufacturing of respective products will conform to standard, specification and grade required by purchaser. Approved equivalents of materials may also be procured for fabrication in event of non-availability of stock or prolonged delivery.
Procurement of such materials will be from approved and selected suppliers.


Upon arrival and receipt of steel materials, hardware's, the following steps will be carried out before acceptance and issued for used:

1) Check delivery order against Purchased Order for quantity, size specification and grade.

2) Inspection of physical appearance, straightness, flatness, rust and other deposits.

3) For material trace ability requirement, check material mill certificates, mill sheets against material received in respect of Heat No Manufacturing Standard, Code and Manufacturers' Name. If material identification is to be witnessed and inspected by Purchaser' Representative, then these personnel will be advised in advance for such purpose. In some cases, materials are identified at Suppliers' warehouse before they are permitted to ship. All documents pertaining above will be recorded and filed for future reference, compilation of reports. Original copies of material certificates are normally kept and file by Manufacturers.

4) In event of stock items are to be utilised for fabrication, the above procedure will also apply.

5) Materials received will be stored in appropriate locations free from oil, dirt and other contaminants, if these are not immediately used. Other causes for physical damage, distortion to the materials will also be prevented.


Before marking out, rust, oil, deposits and other contaminants to be removed by suitable  tools, agents. Mechanical methods will be applied to repair distorted, damaged or deformed steel materials. 

If in the opinion of the Inspector that the materials concerned are not suitable for further working, the material will be rejected and isolated.


Marking out the steel material will be performed by qualified and skilled markers in accordance with approved shop drawings. All marking for cutting, bending, forming, pressing and drilling will be marked clearly suing standard symbols, signs and etc for subsequent processes. Templates may be used for marking in mass production of identical parts.

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